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Dutch independent music publisher Strengholt Music Group, part of CTM Outlander Music, is a full-service music company that helps artists, songwriters and composers in a wide variety of disciplines to get the most out of their copyrighted work.

Our global network enables us to assist musicians all over the world to manage their music rights whether it’s used in singles, compilations and albums, movies, commercials, TV shows and series, video games, mobile platforms and online environments.

In addition to managing copyrighted works, Strengholt Music Group is also well positioned to advise our songwriters and composers in a variety of other areas, including marketing, planning, developing career forecasts, social media activities and negotiating and closing master and artist deals, licensing agreements and recording contracts.

In the past six decades, Strengholt Music Group has established itself as a successful independent music publisher carrying an exciting catalogue of classics. We are fortunate to have a reputation as a trustworthy partner working with international publishing companies regarding representation in the Benelux. An impressive roster of established and aspiring national and international artists, composers and songwriters have put their faith in our expertise to great success. Strengholt Music Group: so much more than just a music publisher!

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Charlene Meulenberg
Jeroen Russchen
Koen Groeneveld
1&2 Productions
Ramses Shaffy
Paul Elstak
Ferry Corsten
Belinda Meuldijk
Boudewijn de Groot
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