Paul Elstak

Paul Elstak


Paul Elstak is a well-known Dutch (Happy) Hardcore and Freestyle DJ/producer and entrepeneur, and is aptly nicknamed “The Godfather of Hardcore” since the early nineties.

Paul became legendary on numerous occasions. In the early nineties, he invented and nurtured a brand new musical style which later became a global phenomenon called hardcore / gabber. In the mid nineties, he re-invented hardcore into a sub style named Happy Hardcore, taking a niche genre to the mainstream and scored many radio hits in the process. Singles such as “Rainbow In The Sky”, “Love U More” and “Promised Land” became huge hit singles, turned Paul into a superstar and are still being played on events and radio to this date.

Together with Dutch rap artist Jebroer and producer Dr Phunk, he produced the instant viral hit ‘Kind Van De Duivel’ (released in the UK as ‘Child of the Devil’ and in Germany as ‘Kind Eines Teufels’) and ‘Engeltje’ (‘Little Angel’). ’Kind Van De Duivel’ scored triple Platinum in the Netherlands and Gold in Belgium. ‘Engeltje’ measured up to its predecessor and scored double Platinum. Throughout the year, Paul has a fully booked tour schedule and performs his music at hardcore, nineties and freestyle events and festivals all over Europe, even enjoying a loyal fan base in Australia, the USA and Japan. Next to his many golden and platinum records, Paul has collected a prestigious Rembrandt Award and various radio awards and lifetime achievement awards.

Key Credits

  • Paul Elstak - Rainbow In The SkyListen
  • Paul Elstak - Love U MoreListen
  • Timmy Trumpet x JeBroer x Dr. Phunk - Child Of The DevilListen
  • JeBroer & Paul Elstak - Kind Van De DuivelListen
  • JeBroer, Paul Elstak & Dr. Phunk - EngeltjeListen
  • Paul Elstak & New Kids - TurboListen
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