Boudewijn de Groot

Boudewijn de Groot


Boudewijn de Groot is one of the most famous and greatest Dutch musicians of all time. Born in 1944, in a Japanese concentration camp in Jakarta, Boudewijn moved to The Netherlands two years later and grew up in Heemstede. There he met one of his future fellow lyricists; Lennaert Nijgh. After recording a handful of covers and singles with minor success, Boudewijn released his first eponymous album in 1966 to great success and solidifying his name. The album contained two of his most known and celebrated songs; ‘Welterusten Meneer De President’ & ‘Meisje Van 16’. During the remaining years of the 60’s De Groot kept enjoying great success with his music while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of Dutch pop music. During this period he also started writing songs for other artists such as Adéle Bloemendaal & Liesbeth List. During the early 70’s De Groot started to produce music for artists such as Leon de Graaff, Kraaijeveld, Mini & Maxi and Don Rosenbaum. After a period of producing he returned to successfully releasing music of his own. In the 90’s, De Groot’s early music got re-discovered by a new generation of music consumers, which led to a tribute album containing re-recordings of his music by contemporary artists. Up until his retirement in 2020, he kept successfully touring. Boudewijn is still very active with writing and releasing new songs.

De Groot is known to be a very versatile musician. His catalogue consists of many songs differing in sound and ranging from love songs to protest songs.

Key Credits

  • Boudewijn de Groot – AvondListen
  • Boudewijn de Groot – JimmyListen
  • Boudewijn de Groot – TestamentListen
  • Boudewijn de Groot – Verdronken VlinderListen
  • Boudewijn de Groot – Land Van Maas En WaalListen
  • Rob De Nijs – Malle BabbeListen
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