Laurens van Rooyen

Laurens van Rooyen


Laurens van Rooyen is one of the most famous Dutch (film) composers & pianists. His solo career started gaining traction in the early 80’s, where he collaborated with various labels and performed in many countries around the world. He has released over 45 CD’s containing internationally known songs such as ‘Just A Simple Love Song’ and ‘Imaginary Landscapes’. The latter still gets daily airplay on the Japanese Radio Show ‘Radio Midnight Express’.

Laurens, a winner of the prestigious Dutch ‘Golden Harp’ award, also garnered international recognition for himself as film composer with films such as ‘Rembrandt Fecti 1669’, ‘Eline Vere’, ‘Mysteries’, ‘Affair Play’ and ‘Serengeti Symphony’. His innovative and ground-breaking piano playing style make it hard to box him in.

Laurens is still very active today, regularly performing shows in castles, unique hotels and for weddings. Additionally, he composes special songs for brands and creates sound logos for their websites.

Key Credits

  • Laurens van Rooyen – Just A Simple Love SongListen
  • Laurens van Rooyen – Song For PianoListen
  • Laurens van Rooyen – Imaginary LandscapesListen
  • Rembrandt Fecit 1669 (filmscore)Listen
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