Strengholt Music Group has a dedicated sync team with a proven international track record of placing music in TV series, commercials, advertising campaigns, movies, trailers and video games. Please contact us if you require a license from our international catalogue of hits.

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Campaign: C1000 - commercial
Song: Poen
Artist: Wim Sonneveld
Territory: The Netherlands

Campaign: Blondie - movie
Song: Why Tell Me Why
Artist: Anita Meijer
Territory: Sweden

Campaign: Albert Heijn - commercial
Song: Heb Je Even Voor Mij (cover)
Artist: Frans Bauer
Territory: The Netherlands

Campaign: Grolsch - commercial
Song: Switch
Artist: Moke
Territory: The Netherlands

Campaign: ING - commercial
Song: Black Cat John Brown
Artist: Alamo Race Track
Territory: The Netherlands

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