Tino Martin

Tino Martin


Tino Martin is a well-known Dutch folk singer whose 2015 platinum awarded hit single ‘Jij Liet Me Vallen’ kick-started Tino’s national success as a performing artist. The same-titled album landed on #5 in the Album Top 100, reached platinum as well and delivered Tino his first of many prestigious Edison Awards.

One of Tino’s main strengths is performing live. In 2016 he sold out the Heineken Music Hall venue in Amsterdam (nowadays known as AFAS Live). Just 1,5 years later he already sold out the much bigger Ziggo Dome, a concert hall with a capacity of 17.000. Just recently after postponing his ‘Viva Las Vegas’ concert due to the pandemic he sold out the Ziggo Dome two nights in a row.

In the past few years, Tino has enjoyed hit success multiple times. ‘Zij Weet Het’, a personal version of Glen Faria’s song, hit the charts and has brought in millions of streams. Back in 2020 Tino got the chance to collaborate with the well-established DJ trio Kris Kross Amsterdam. Their single ‘Loop Niet Weg’, with the featuring of both Tino and Dutch songstress Emma Heesters as vocalists and co-writers became a huge success. It became fourth in the Top 40 and reached the golden status. Recently, Tino collaborated on another single with Kris Kross Amsterdam ‘Vanavond (Uit M’n Bol)’ again awarded with a golden record.

Tino is a skilled and very distinctive vocalist who blends his folk sound with contemporary pop music and a dash of urban sounds, resulting in hit after hit.

Key Credits

  • Tino Martin - Zij Weet HetListen
  • Kris Kross Amsterdam, Tino Martin & Emma Heesters - Loop Niet WegListen
  • Tino Martin - Jij Liet Me VallenListen
  • Kris Kross Amsterdam, Donnie & Tino Martin - Vanavond (Uit M’n Bol)Listen
  • Tino Martin & Davina Michelle - VoorbijListen
  • Tino Martin & Lil Kleine - GabberListen
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