Ruud Bos

Ruud Bos


Ruud Bos is a well-known and decorated Dutch composer. Between 1984 – 1998 he was the in-house composer of Dutch amusement park Efteling. During this period he composed and arranged the themes for several attractions that are still synonymous with the Efteling today. His work has contributed greatly to the overall experience of Efteling. Beside his work for Efteling, Ruud’s catalogue also consists of compositions for artists, films, theatres and television (series). Some well- known artists he has composed for include Toon Hermans, Wim Sonneveld, Willeke Alberti and Gerard Cox. Additionally he has also composed for Kinderen Voor Kinderen and the very popular Dutch series ‘Bassie & Adriaan’, ‘Zeg ‘ns AAA’ & ‘Ramses’.

Ruud has a very diverse catalogue, containing a self-estimated 1500-2000 written and composed songs. He received a ‘Golden Harp’ award in 1982 for his contribution to the development of Dutch music culture. Last year Ruud won the ‘Buma Oeuvre Award Multimedia’, of which the organisers said that Ruud Bos is without a doubt one of the most significant composers the Netherlands has ever known.

Key Credits

  • Willeke Alberti – Telkens WeerListen
  • Gordon – Laat Me LosListen
  • Kinderen Voor Kinderen – KriebeltruiListen
  • Wim Solleveld – Burgemeester BeekmanlaanListen
  • Efteling – Villa VoltaListen
  • Efteling – Fata MorganaListen
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